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We use pine harvested responsibly from the Pacific Northwest for our solid wood shelves. We use hemlock (Also from the Pacific Northwest) for our uprights. Hemlock is used in our uprights as it is 99% knot free (Uprights are drilled to hold shelves so they need to be mostly knot free). Our shelves will have knots that are filled and sanded smooth. This is what gives Lundia itís beautiful natural wood appearance. We offer a complete set of actual wood samples that you can purchase for $9.95 that is refundable.

We use a water-based lacquer that has NO IARC, NTP or OSHA listed carcinogen ingredients (See section 11-Toxicological Information in our Material Safety Data Sheet. Click here to see this document (Also listed at the bottom of this page).

IMPORTANT: If you are still concerned about any chemical materials, you also have the option to purchase our modular systems Unfinished Sanded Smooth. You do not have to finish our Solid Wood Products. They will last you a lifetime. In fact, most of our commercial installations throughout the US are all Unfinished (Going back over 50 years to the early 1960's). You also have the option of applying your own finish.


We use Titebond wood glue from Franklin International. This product has NO hazardous ingredients. Click here to see the Material Safety Data Sheet (Also listed at the bottom of this page).

Our Finishes Safety Information
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Our Wood Glue Safety Information
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