What kind of wood do you use?
Answer: We use solid pine and hemlock from the Pacific Northwest. Pine is one of the most renewable and sustainable wood sources in the U.S.

What Finishes are your closets available in?
Answer: We now have 8 finish options. Click the image below for more details and to order actual wood samples.

Can I use your closet Unfinished?
Answer: Yes, our "Unfinished" option, will come sanded smooth. It may age faster than a clear or tinted finish and show dust easier over time, but it will be just as durable. Currently, there is more than 250,000 lineal feet of "Unfinished" Lundia Closets Systems in Macy's, JC Penny, Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, Cost Plus World Market and Pier One Import store stockrooms being use to hold their merchandise. Many of these installations are well over 20 years old.
Clients using "Unfinished" Lundia...

What type of finish material do you use?
Answer: We use Water based finishes in our clear and tinted finish options. We have complete specifications in our Material Safety Data Sheets section if you want more details. Click Here for more information.

Can I install your closet system myself?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! Our closet organizers are designed to be simple to install! You won't need any drill or power tools. You won't need to drill or attached to studs in your wall like most other systems. Here is a link for more details on installation: http://www.simplecloset.com/how_it_works.htm

Can I install your closets on carpet, tile or hardwood floors?
Answer: Yes, our systems can be installed on carpeting, wood, tile and concrete floors. As you can see on the photo below, you can even set it up on a dirt equestrian trail!

I've never heard of Lundia. What is your background/history?
Answer: Lundia is a "Worldwide" brand. The Lundia system was originally created in Europe in the 1940's by Harald Lindqvist. In 1957, Lundia was introduced to the United States. Over the next half century, Lundia in the U.S. was primarily a commercial product made for Retail Stores, Offices and other Commercial Applications. Solid Wood Lundia systems can be found in over 10,000 commercial locations throughout America. There is even a used market for Lundia product. Type in "Lundia" on eBay and you will find used Lundia for sale. In the past few years we have introduced our Lundia Products to consumers for Closet Organizers, Bookcases, Pantry, Home Office and Storage Solutions. Look for more new Lundia products to be introduced!

*Finland    *Denmark     *United Kingdom     *Italy     *Germany     *Netherlands     *Spain     *France     *Australia     *New Zealand     *USA

What sizes to you offer?
Answer: We offer a nearly limitless size offering. We show our standard closet sizes on this website that are 15"deep x 84"high. We also offer 9"deep, 12"deep, 18"deep and 24"deep units. In addition, we also offer 36"high, 48"high, 60"high, 72"high, 96"high, 108"high, 120"high and even 144"high units. If that wasn't enough size options for you, we also offer any custom width or custom height. You can find all our other size options at our main site:  www.LundiaUSA.com . If you are looking for custom sizes, you are welcome to contact us with that request by filling out our Contact Form or calling us at (909) 599-1370. We are open M-F, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Can you make custom sizes?
Answer: Yes, we offer custom widths and custom heights.

How much weight can your system hold?
Answer: Most off our closet shelving has been tested to hold well over 500lbs. Unlike a particle board shelf which can easily be broken it's nearly impossible to break our solid wood shelves. The image on the right is an actual photo taken in the 1950's demonstrating just how incredibly strong Lundia Solid Wood is!

How do I create or design a Lundia System for my closet?
Answer: Start by filling your space with our Solid Wood Starter and Add On Frames. Then add components such as drawers, shelves and hang bars. Click Here to start this process> 

Can you help design my closet?
Answer: Yes, we offer free CAD Drawing services. Click Here to check out our Design Section showing numerous CAD designs. We just need your closet measurements. You can submit them via our Contact Form or call us at (909) 599-1370.

Are there knots in your wood?
Answer: Yes, because this is Solid Wood we do have knots. They are sanded smooth and add much character to the true natural design of wood. The darker tinted finishes will show knots less (Cordovan and Black).

Click the image below if you would like to see a much larger view of these shelves:

How long will it take to get my order?
Answer: We stock our raw material, but all orders are manufactured after receipt. We have so many choices it would be impossible to stock everything. Because of this, please allow approximately 4 weeks production and then the time it takes to ship to your home.

Can I get additional parts or components at a later time?
Answer: Yes! In fact, most of our Lundia Products made over 50 years ago will still interchange with our Lundia made today!

Is this the same as Lundia that I bought in Europe?
Answer: Although Lundia made in the U.S. looks identical to Lundia made in Europe, our products are not compatible or interchangeable. Lundia made in the U.S. is sized in "Inches". Lundia made in Europe is sized in "Metric".

How do you ship?
Answer: We ship by UPS or Truck, depending on the size of your order. Larger closet installations will ship by truck. You will be notified in advance of your shipment and how it will come to you. All of our products are carefully packaged in boxes.

Do you offer installation?
Answer: We do not offer installation as our product is designed to be installed by nearly anyone. No handyman or carpentry skills are needed to install our closet organizers.  Click the image below to see how our systems are put together:

What is your warranty?
Answer: All Lundia products come with a Lifetime Warranty. Click here for more details.

What is your return policy?
Answer: Click here to review our terms and conditions

Do you offer Doors?
Answer: Doors will be added to our Lundia Line in the coming months. Our doors will be designed to retrofit most any existing Lundia already in use.

Do you offer Backs?
Answer: We do offer backs, but do not show them on our site. Backs are not needed for any of our closet solutions and they are VERY expensive to ship. A 84" x 36"wide panel can only ship on a pallet via truck. In larger installations where we are shipping everything on pallets it can be more cost effective to ship backs. You are welcome to contact us for more details on this.


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